Tell Your Senators to Save Pell

The U.S. House of Representatives just did a hatchet job on Pell Grants and, as a consequence, to the dreams of millions of hard-working, low-income students. In its budget for fiscal year 2012, the House cut the maximum Pell Grant from $5,550 to $3,040.  If the Senate passes the House Pell cuts, it would put college and all that it offers out of reach for millions of students.

Senate action could come at any time.

Don’t delay—write to your senators TODAY and tell them:


Even today, when the maximum Pell Grant is $5,550, the average low-income family must spend nearly three-quarters of its annual income—on top of all sources of grant aid—to pay for a four-year college. Meanwhile, our wealthiest families only spend 14 percent of their income to cover college costs.

The Pell cut included in the House budget would impact nearly 10 million low-income students and would deny Pell Grants all together to an estimated 1.4 million students.

Not only would the House-approved Pell cuts cripple our nation’s ability to compete in an ever more complex global economy, they represent a giant step away from our most deeply held American values. These cuts would chop the rungs off the ladder of opportunity for millions of hard-working, low-income students.

Sen. Majority Leader Harry Reid plans to bring this budget up for a vote in the near future. Don’t delay—write to your senators. Urge them to oppose the House’s budget proposal and its devastating cuts to Pell Grants.