Nearly 10 million college students who depend on Pell need your help … RIGHT NOW

Today is Save Pell Day — a day devoted to online activism to save the Pell Grant program.  Pell is on the chopping block in the debt ceiling/deficit reduction negotiations.

Students need you to stand up for them…TODAY

We all must tell Washington that the Pell is a vital part of our nation’s education ecosystem. Cutting Pell would damage the lives of hard-working college students and our nation’s economic future.

It only takes 2 minutes.

  • 1. Leverage your Facebook account by following the instructions below.
  • 2. Spread the word on Twitter by clicking on the tweet buttons.
  • 3. Most importantly, send a message to your elected officials by entering your ZIP code at the bottom of the page.

1. On Facebook

Right-click on the image above to download the Save Pell logo. Use it as your Facebook profile image today.

You can also copy and paste this as your status:

Today is Save Pell Day. Pell Grants help nearly 10 million hard-working students attend college. I’m spreading the word about potential cuts, and you can too. Take action today — visit this link and join me in telling Washington to Save Pell:

Check out our Save Pell Day video and share it on your Facebook wall.

2. On Twitter

(click on the buttons to tweet automatically)

#Pell Grants are crucial our economic future. This is a budget cut America can’t afford. Take action today to #SavePell.

Nearly 10 million hard-working #college students could lose financial aid if govt cuts Pell Grants. Act now! #SavePell

The @WhiteHouse needs to #SavePell! @BarackObama — don’t balance the budget on the backs of students.

Today is #SavePell Day: Visit the Save Pell online action center and forward it to 5 friends: Please RT!

3. E-mail Congress and President Obama

Take the most important step of them all: tell your senators, member of Congress and President Obama that we cannot afford to cut these critical funds.

Just enter in your ZIP code, read the e-mail and hit "send."