Pell Grants Aren’t Welfare: Tell Us Your Story

The future of America and its working-class students are in danger.

As Washington weighs cuts to the federal budget, the Pell Grant program is on the chopping block. Pell is the federal aid program that fuels the future of hard-working students nationwide. Nearly 10 million Americans depend on Pell Grants to enroll in and complete college. If the maximum grant is cut or eligibility requirements for the program change, fewer working families will be able to send their children to college at a time when our economy needs more college graduates, not fewer.

Congress needs to hear how Pell Grants keep the promise of a college education — and all that it offers — alive for hard-working students.

Whether you or someone you know has benefited from a Pell Grant (or if you simply support keeping college opportunity open to all), we invite you to share your story. Help us put a face on the fight to Save Pell.

Whether you or someone you know has benefited from a Pell Grant (or if you simply support keeping college opportunity open to all), we invite you to share your story. Help us put a face on the fight to Save Pell.
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Number Date Name Tell the Senate why we can’t ...
962 Tue Apr 19 19:42:13 EDT 2011 Marilyn Lee
961 Tue Apr 19 19:40:17 EDT 2011 Erin Way My father lost his job during my Senior year of high school. Without grant money, I would have had to abandon my dreams and get a job. Grant money allowed me to get a B.A. and get on my feet. I am a success More....
960 Tue Apr 19 19:37:48 EDT 2011 Stella Yeo
959 Tue Apr 19 19:29:51 EDT 2011 Marty Camarillo I'm a returning independent student focused on my education and reliant on assistance from loans, scholarships, and grants to complete my educational goals. Please continue the programs for everyone in More....
958 Tue Apr 19 19:29:48 EDT 2011 Gail J. Reams
957 Tue Apr 19 19:27:53 EDT 2011 kerry burkhardt
956 Tue Apr 19 19:24:59 EDT 2011 Susan Cummings The values of the United States Senate are not in line with those of most Americans if its members cut Pell grants. How are we to explain to our children that their access to the American Dream -- a college More....
955 Tue Apr 19 19:24:07 EDT 2011 Elsie Gauley Vega 207 -->206Americans need this financial help to get good educations. We are already behind other nations in good education! If we can't invest in the education and future of our people, we are already a dead nation.
954 Tue Apr 19 19:22:49 EDT 2011 Wendy Futrick With education costs soaring, students need all the help they can get, if they are to be a productive part of America in the future.
953 Tue Apr 19 19:19:51 EDT 2011 Ann O'Connell
952 Tue Apr 19 19:19:42 EDT 2011 Brad Farmer Most students can't afford the cost of a college education without the help of Pell Grants!
951 Tue Apr 19 19:18:36 EDT 2011 Natasha Kitzman I was recently downsized from a company for the 2nd time and am currently in school trying to better myeslf and depend on the pell grants for everything. Please do not cut these out of the budget! Many More....
950 Tue Apr 19 19:17:49 EDT 2011 Linda Bennett
949 Tue Apr 19 19:13:25 EDT 2011 Jesse Scott
948 Tue Apr 19 19:12:57 EDT 2011 Joshua Noga Majority of students from low-income neighborhoods rely on this funding to help off set the cost of obtaining an education. Any reduction in these funds would severly impact these students and prevent More....
947 Tue Apr 19 19:10:06 EDT 2011 Sophia Francis I come from a low-income, single parent household. I would not have made it this far, completing my 2nd year of college now, without the Pell grant.
946 Tue Apr 19 19:10:02 EDT 2011 GENA HESTER
945 Tue Apr 19 19:08:10 EDT 2011 Chelsea Gabotero
944 Tue Apr 19 19:06:21 EDT 2011 John Delibos We should be encouraging our students to continue their educations, so that they will be more porductive members of society---not DISCOURAGING their initiative.
943 Tue Apr 19 19:01:35 EDT 2011 Barbara Bondurant
942 Tue Apr 19 18:56:57 EDT 2011 M N I am currently in college and I must say this. As a single mother I would not have had the oppertunity to continue my education without the pell grant. I am currently getting my Masters in Education. Please More....
941 Tue Apr 19 18:53:05 EDT 2011 Amanda Waldrup
940 Tue Apr 19 18:52:01 EDT 2011 Jean Citron
939 Tue Apr 19 18:51:05 EDT 2011 Richard Rossman College education creates citizens who pay more taxes in the future and becasue they are educated they are happier with their lives. Certainly we want that in our country. Dick Rossman
938 Tue Apr 19 18:50:13 EDT 2011 Jean Citron
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