Pell Grants Aren’t Welfare: Tell Us Your Story

The future of America and its working-class students are in danger.

As Washington weighs cuts to the federal budget, the Pell Grant program is on the chopping block. Pell is the federal aid program that fuels the future of hard-working students nationwide. Nearly 10 million Americans depend on Pell Grants to enroll in and complete college. If the maximum grant is cut or eligibility requirements for the program change, fewer working families will be able to send their children to college at a time when our economy needs more college graduates, not fewer.

Congress needs to hear how Pell Grants keep the promise of a college education — and all that it offers — alive for hard-working students.

Whether you or someone you know has benefited from a Pell Grant (or if you simply support keeping college opportunity open to all), we invite you to share your story. Help us put a face on the fight to Save Pell.

Whether you or someone you know has benefited from a Pell Grant (or if you simply support keeping college opportunity open to all), we invite you to share your story. Help us put a face on the fight to Save Pell.
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Number Date Name Tell the Senate why we can’t ...
963 Tue Apr 19 12:01:17 EDT 2011 Crystal Elston
962 Tue Apr 19 12:01:05 EDT 2011 Daisy Rita Reis Bispo
961 Tue Apr 19 12:00:00 EDT 2011 Gail Ray It's ludicrous to think our Government cannot pull us out of 3 wars, end OIL SUBSIDIES(the same oil companies that will eventually destroy the all environment and kill the wildlife many of us hold More....
960 Tue Apr 19 11:58:39 EDT 2011 Claflin Balancing the budget should not be on the backs of students that can least afford a college education. Our youth should not be penalized because their parents cannot afford to send their child to a good More....
959 Tue Apr 19 11:58:08 EDT 2011 Pamela Schick Our future is the education of our youth.
958 Tue Apr 19 11:57:43 EDT 2011 Emily Reins Well, I guess only the wealthy will be able to go to college...widening the gap between the wealthy( who already get so many tax cuts they alone could cut the debit) and the poor.
957 Tue Apr 19 11:56:14 EDT 2011 Pence We can already see what happens when poorly educated people are elected to public office. We need to be sure that our best and brightest students are able to attend collge in order to offer their best More....
956 Tue Apr 19 11:56:00 EDT 2011 Christopher Balboa
955 Tue Apr 19 11:54:27 EDT 2011 Warren Mulkins Because we have to invest in knowledge. The opposite of this is glorifying ignorance.
954 Tue Apr 19 11:54:25 EDT 2011 Trevor Nash It may seem prudent on the face, but in the long run it would be less than helpful.
953 Tue Apr 19 11:53:51 EDT 2011 Jo Finnerty
952 Tue Apr 19 11:53:46 EDT 2011 Elhussein Stubbs, Ph.D.
951 Tue Apr 19 11:52:38 EDT 2011 Jo Finnerty
950 Tue Apr 19 11:51:45 EDT 2011 Travis Bellamy, Md
949 Tue Apr 19 11:51:35 EDT 2011 John Fryer Help send( more) students to college who would otherwise not be able to attend. America needs these students!!

Thank you.
948 Tue Apr 19 11:50:23 EDT 2011 Professor Lathrop Its a laughable idea that a Congress that is comprised of 'the people,' yet seems to make decisions that rarely benefit the people. Stop giving corporations mammon tax breaks while cutting programs that More....
947 Tue Apr 19 11:50:13 EDT 2011 Aranke The cost of college education is so high that without pell or other financial loans the
946 Tue Apr 19 11:49:26 EDT 2011 Kate Oakes
945 Tue Apr 19 11:49:10 EDT 2011 Alexander
944 Tue Apr 19 11:49:02 EDT 2011 Scott Horstman
943 Tue Apr 19 11:48:04 EDT 2011 Lisa Matthews
942 Tue Apr 19 11:46:35 EDT 2011 Patty Powell-Mcmillan The wealth of our nation is found in the minds of all of our students. We must support the education of our low income students by providing access to higher education through Pell Grants.
941 Tue Apr 19 11:46:30 EDT 2011 Erin Dutro
940 Tue Apr 19 11:46:00 EDT 2011 David Renner Without higher education, the future is bleak indeed.
939 Tue Apr 19 11:45:56 EDT 2011 David Cosgrove We must think long term. Education is a valuable, worthwhile investment in our society. I personally received Pell Grants when I attended college and it GREATLY helped me to finance my four year education. More....
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