• With our Dispelling the Myth Awards, The Education Trust recognizes schools around the country that demonstrate the power educators have to help their students.

    About Dispelling The Myth

    Dispelling the Myth schools are doing the right thing for kids: providing a rich, coherent curriculum and making it interesting and engaging for their students. In the process, they are making themselves the kinds of places where teachers want to teach.

    We highlight these schools as a way of honoring not just the educators in their buildings, but all the thoughtful, dedicated, and hard-working educators throughout the country who are striving to improve education for all children. Their success dispels the damaging myth that schools can do very little to help students overcome the barriers of poverty and discrimination.

    What You Will Find in These Pages

    We provide the criteria we used to identify Dispelling the Myth schools and information about each of them.

    We don’t pretend that we are presenting everything that is important to tell about them, but when you click on a school’s name you will see what the demographics of the school were when the award was presented as well as a little about their achievement data and a short description of the school. In addition, we include information about what has happened to the school since receiving the award.

    In some cases, the school is still going strong. In others, personnel or other changes have meant that the school is not doing as well as it once was. This underlines the fact that schools are complicated organizations that cannot simply declare victory and coast to success. Ensuring the success of students is, rather, a continual challenge requiring thought, hard work, and a lot of heart. 

    Finally, in the right-hand column, we provide additional resources that provide more information and offer insight into the work of these schools.

    Hear Directly From DTM Educators

    Ed Trust’s national conference always features not only the current year’s DTM winners, but also some of our past award recipients. They come to share the strategies and practices they use daily in their schools.